What To Expect From Your Skydiving Experience

What To Expect From Your Skydiving Experience

You’ll enjoy your ride to altitude in our clean and comfortable Cessna 182. The ride up to 10,500 feet will take about 20 minutes.   Then you jump out. You will be falling at roughly 120 MPH and you will feel like you are floating.   Once the parachute opens, you’ll begin the canopy ride to the ground. Many assume you will have the gut wrenching feeling you get when riding a roller coaster or standing on the edge of a cliff… it is nothing like that!


  • Training - 20 - 30 min

  • Airplane Ride - 20 min

  • Exit Altitude - 10,500 feet

  • Freefall Timer - 30 seconds

  • Parachute opening altitude - 5,500 feet

  • Canopy flight to ground - 5 min

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Pricing depends on multiple factors such as the landing area, number of skydivers, and the type of jump. To get an accurate price, please contact us.

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